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When installing insulation in your home, there are several important decisions to make. These decisions will determine how effective the insulation will be in keeping your home comfortable throughout the year. One of the most important things that you’ll need to do is decide which of the different types of insulation is appropriate. The most common options are blown-in insulation, batts, and rolls. We will aid you in making this decision but we also feel that it is important for you to understand these insulation types and what makes them different. Whether the insulation is for a commercial building or your home, knowing the differences in blown-in insulation vs. batts and rolled insulation is crucial to determining which best meets your particular needs.


Blankets (Batts)

Blankets are a type of insulation that is most commonly referred to as rolls or batts. This is flexible insulation that is meant for use in areas with standard spacing and relatively easy access. The standard spacing refers to the spacing of joists and wall studs, for which the rolls and batts are made wide enough to match. Batts and rolls may also be used in non-standard spaces; however, they will require cutting to fit properly. They are available in standard, medium, and high density and are made of fiberglass, rock wool, and other mineral or natural fibers. Some blankets come with a vapor barrier in the form of a foil or paper facing. When comparing blown insulation vs. rolled and batts, it is important to note that no special equipment is necessary with blanket-type insulation, but it is often difficult to fit in non-standard or irregularly shaped areas.

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